Client Testimonials

  Paradise Corner brought back to me memories that were stuck in old technology (slides and 8mm films) which I can now enjoy forever and share with my family. My brothers have been touched by these images and movies but especially myself.I had so much material and the task looked foreboding and expensive but Dan gave me a wonderful, well-organized package at a great price and made it so easy.He was gracious in pointing out my father’s passion for photography and it was like he helped my father give those memories back to us. Thank you Paradise Corners for bringing our past back to us!
Mike Harley // Southampton, Ontario
My sister and I highly recommend the film transfers and slide and photo scans that Dan, from Paradise Corner Productions, did for our families. His prices are very reasonable and we have saved some old family memories that are priceless to us. Thank You!!
Marjorie Tennyson
If you are contemplating getting your old 8 mm films, videos and even slides converted to DVD to preserve them, I would highly recommend Paradise Corner Productions. When I contacted Dan, he set up a time to meet with me to discuss the material I had to convert, and explained the process very thoroughly.  The cost was well worth it ! My family was so impressed with the professional and thoughtful effort that went into converting these old films that I had thought were lost for good!!   We were thrilled to see ourselves on film from about 50 years ago or more, and they brought back many wonderful memories !! I am very happy to recommend Dan and his company to you.
Sue McCulloch
  For years I had 25 boxes of old slides sitting in a closet. They represented decades of family memories, but I didn’t know what to do with them. Then I saw Dan’s ad in a local magazine and I contacted him about transferring to digital format. Even though it was a huge project, Dan did a fantastic job, working quickly and expertly, and now I can easily view those precious slides on the computer. Dan carefully restored the old slides to look better than the originals, and I’m extremely pleased with the results. Dan is just the right balance of professional and friendly. He can be trusted with valuable archives, keeps his word, quickly replies to any questions or concerns, and is totally reliable. I would say his service was excellent and went beyond my expectations. Highly recommended.
Barbara Wallis // Kincardine, Ontario
I was looking to transfer old 8 mm films and my VHS tapes onto DVD and saw the ad for Paradise Corner Productions Inc. Dan was able to easily, and with care, convert my films to digital. His service was fast. The quality of the tapes is remarkable. The price he charged was very reasonable. I would use his service again. I am so thrilled to have my home movies up to date. Thank you!
Cindy Frost
Dan Matthews did such a great job on cleaning up some very damaged films that were over 50 years old.  It was very close to Christmas and Dan was wonderful to get the copies made in time for me to take to my family Christmas.  My 87 year old father was beaming as he watched the films from our past and he enjoyed explaining to the eight of us who everyone was.  If Dan hadn't made such a great effort for me my Dad wouldn't have been able to see the films as he passed away on Christmas Day.  Thanks so much Dan, you did such a great job with that mess of films. The lastest project was a from a dance recital that took place in 1960, Dan even recorded some great music  to go along with the dance and some how he was so exact that the dancers appear to be dancing to the song selection Dan chose.  I hadn't even thought about having music to the dance recital but Dan was proactive and I am so happy with the finished project.  I have lots more films that I want Dan to work on, sometime in the near future!
Jacky McGregor